Living Positive with HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS Living Positive is a department within our Health Project. It specifically addresses the crisis of HIV/AIDS, which has left over 1.2 million children orphaned. According to UNAIDS, as of December 2011, 1.6 million people in Kenya were living with HIV and had already claimed the lives of 1.7 million more. In our rural region […]Read more

For I Was Hungry

Missions Economic Empowerment Health Water & Sanitation HIV/AIDS FEEDING PROJECT Maisha’s Feeding project started in 2006 by Beatrice’s mother, Grace Ochieng or “Mama Grace,” a former schoolteacher. Seeing children falling asleep in class due to lack of food, she brought them home for lunch. As word spread, more starving children appeared on her doorstep each […]Read more

Spring Break Missions

Over 1.5 million people travel during spring break. While most spring break travelers venture to tropical places with sand and beaches, a group of 10 Oklahomans will travel to a place with red dirt, tin shacks and hundreds of lovable children. A team from Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City, Okla. will be traveling and spending […]Read more

Meet Maisha’s Interns

The Maisha Project has a total of five interns for the Spring 2016 semester. We are excited for you to meet some of the people who help us out each week!   Name: Ashley Sargent Intern title: Legacy of Hope Photography Intern School: Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City Hometown: Moore, OK 1.       How did you get involved with […]Read more

Bella’s Playground

A new playground equipped with a bright yellow slide, swings, climbing gym, basketball goal and teeter totter now sits behind the Maisha Academy. As soon as the recess bell rings, the Maisha Academy students run towards the playground with excitement, ready to jump and climb on Bella’s Playground.   In May 2015, Bella Marco, a […]Read more

Returning Home

The Maisha Project strives to give people the power to change their communities. Sometimes, this is done by simply providing a hot meal or giving a child new shoes. Other times, lives are changed by giving a child the opportunity to grow up in a new environment, which is exactly what Maisha has done for […]Read more

Legacy of Hope – State of the Project 2016

When Maisha first began operating in the village, most children could not speak English. This was a problem, because Kenyan standardized tests are only offered in English. As a result, the few who were privileged to be in school rarely passed high school entrance exams. The Legacy of Hope Project started with only a few […]Read more

School is Now in Session

On Monday, January 11, 2016, over 300 children wearing burgundy uniforms stood outside the new Maisha Academy building. After a month-long break from school, the kids were anxious to get back into their regular routine. In the United States, the school year begins in August, but in Kenya, the school year begins in January. The […]Read more

Maisha’s Top Five

The Maisha Project had an incredible 2015. We were able to accomplish many things from breaking ground on the girl’s dormitory to bringing the Light the Future Choir to Oklahoma. Let’s take a look back at the top five blogs from 2015 highlighting some of our top moments!   5. Summer of Serving – During the summer, […]Read more

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