Maisha’s Top Five

The Maisha Project had an incredible 2015. We were able to accomplish many things from breaking ground on the girl’s dormitory to bringing the Light the Future Choir to Oklahoma. Let’s take a look back at the top five blogs from 2015 highlighting some of our top moments!


5. Summer of Serving – During the summer, over 35 Oklahomans made the 8,000-mile journey to Kenya. Six teams stayed at Maisha for various periods of time, ranging from two weeks to two months. They served the community and made a difference in the lives of children and widows.

4. Legacy of Hope: State of the Project 2015 – There are now a over 600 students in the Legacy of Hope Project and over 580 of those students are matched with sponsors for education. In 2015 Maisha had over 60 children entering high school and over 30 high school seniors educated out.

3. Home Sweet Home – The Light the Future Choir spent 47 days in Oklahoma. During their stay, they gave 53 performances, sang over 500 songs, traveled 2,500 miles within the state and consumed around 3,000 pieces of chicken. The 19 children from Maisha made the 8,000-mile journey from Kenya to Oklahoma in late Oct. with the hopes of sharing Maisha’s story and blessing the Oklahomans who provide many blessings for them and their friends at Maisha.

2. Safe Haven – A groundbreaking ceremony for the girl’s dormitory was held on Friday, July 31, 2015. After the completion of the girl’s dormitory, a boy’s dormitory will be built. The dorms will house academy students identified as at-risk in their homes and will not only give at-risk children a safe home, but will also directly increase their ability to focus and learn. Children in the dormitories will receive three meals a day, ensuring proper nutrition.

1. A New Era of Education Begins Now – The Maisha Academy was completed in July 2015. The new building sits parallel to the current Maisha Center and includes 10 classrooms, a library, staff room, head teacher’s office and a storage room. Maisha Academy will provide a place for children to learn from nursery through eighth grade.

The Maisha Project is thankful for your support throughout the year. We hope your 2016 is filled with many blessings! We look forward to making 2016 another great year for the people of Maisha!

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