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About The Maisha Project
Maisha Project’s mission is to empower people and transform communities to become hopeful, independent, and thriving.

The Maisha Project is located in the heart of Oklahoma City, but began in Nyanza Province, Kenya, where the silent epidemic of HIV/AIDS has stolen the lives of mothers and fathers, leaving 1 in 3 households headed by a child. 1 out of every 4 adults in the Kisumu district is HIV positive and every day our children face the risk of disease, malnutrition, and hopelessness.

The Maisha Project has become a source of life for these children. Starting in 2006, we were feeding 60 kids daily. Now, 15 years later, we feed 1,500+ kids every day and have 1,065 active in Legacy of Hope, our educational system, 875 mission participants, and 350 students enrolled in Maisha Academy.

Maisha means “life” and is founded on 5 pillars to create a better “maisha” for these children.

This molds the minds of tomorrow’s leaders to transform their communities and

We help provide access to clean water, healthcare, improved nutrition, and spiritual nourishment.

We want to empower the people of Kenya to earn a living and bring self-worth, and encourage them to step into their role in advancing the Kingdom of God.

Our partners bring tools and resources to facilitate lasting solutions for each of these branches.

We want to create a safe environment for our people to thrive and take steps toward transformation.

So what if we stepped up and did something to help make a change? (LARGER TEXT) What if we took steps to help bring hope to the hopeless and light to the darkness? Our founder, Beatrice Williamson, did. And now, she’s challenging everyone in her community and all who will listen to step out in faith and join the cause.

This 2022, share your passion and help educate children in Kenya

This year is really challenging as we go through the obstacles brought about by the pandemic.
At Maisha Project, we often talk of making a difference and going together because we are not alone.
We are committed to equipping as many impoverished children as possible in Kenya with the tools they need to fulfill their potential.
This is the perfect time to give and make them feel the acts of kindness, Let’s Share the Love.

Because of this, we have our project “Share The Love – Educate A Child” campaign!

Here’s how it works:
There are 516 virtual envelopes.
Each of those numbers are on the envelopes which corresponds to the same dollar amount;

1 = $1, 47 = $47, 279 = $279, etc.
The more you donate, the more entries you will receive!
For every$25 you spend, you get one entry. ($1- $25 = 1 entry, $26 – $50 = 2 entries, $51- $75 = 3 entries, etc.)

Pick your donation amount and it’s added to your cart, then check out.
That is considered a direct donation to The Maisha Project – Thank You!!
Once your payment is made, your envelope is then labeled “Adopted.”

Here’s the kicker – Share the Love Project will enable sharer to win a FREE TRIP!
It’s gonna be awesome treat for you and a (+1) to Kenya!
You will have the opportunity to see The Maisha Project in action and everything that it provides up close and personaI, hosted by our founder, Beatrice Williamson.
The more you donate, the more entries you receive!!Join us so we can change lives through quality education!!
Disclaimer​ All the envelopes must be adopted before we announce a winner!
Adopt An Envelope NOW 

People often feel powerless when confronted with the issue of global poverty, but you don’t have to feel helpless. Making a donation makes a huge impact in these communities, providing lasting solutions to address poverty, hunger, disease, and under-education.

Thank you for stepping out and helping create change.

Thank you very much for sharing the love.

Orphans and vulnerable children all over the world suffer in silence. Born into poverty, these children live without access to education, medical care, adequate housing, clothing, appropriate food, or a chance out of this cycle and into a better future. While we’re at home with our families and friends celebrating this time of year, these children are living in that harsh reality.

Maisha gives the gift of life! Not only do donations go toward immediate help with food, clothing, and shelter, but we also help in areas with long-term effects like education and healthcare. Charitable donations are not the kind of gift that will end up dusty on a shelf or shoved in a closet somewhere. In such contrast, they make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need and on those that give.

So share the love to the Maisha community!

Share the love and help us empower people and transform communities!

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82% of Maisha Project's total operating expenses were used for programs that benefit vulnerable children and communities around Kisumu, Kenya.

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