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We’re an international organization working on local levels to empower people to transform their community.


Every day our children face the risk of disease, malnutrition and hopelessness. In the Nyanza Province of Kenya where Maisha is located, the silent epidemic of HIV/AIDS has stolen the lives of mothers, fathers and children; leaving one out of every three households headed by a child. According to Kenya’s Department of Health, one out of every four adults in the Kisumu district is HIV positive.

Breaking generational poverty starts with our children. Maisha resources the existing solution in the very communities we serve. We are full of opportunists, it’s in the DNA of the people we resource and in the individuals that resource us. We are not just a set of projects; we are a community that is helping plant a generation of planners.

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Maisha works with abandoned, orphaned and vulnerable children in the rural villages just outside Kisumu and in the Nyalenda slums within Kisumu City to empower them to transform their community.

We invest in education, health, local entrepreneurs, and infrastructure/community building projects. As we expand the economic empowerment project, sustainability is fostered in all the other projects.

It takes a village of people to make the villages of Kenya become sustainable. It takes a village being sustainable to give the newest generation hope for the future. We are a village of people united, with more in common than we realize, working towards the same goals. Thank you for being part of the Maisha Family.

Our Projects

We exchange hunger, disease and poverty for education, health and economic empowerment through sustainable solutions to impact nations and generations.


Access to clean water, affordable healthcare, improved nutrition and spiritual nourishment.View Project


Empowering communities is
multifaceted. Maisha works to provide
clean water and food for orphans,
widows and the vulnerable.
shelter for at-risk youth. primary, secondary & continuing
education for children.
health services for the village. home-based care for the sick
and those living with HIV/AIDS.
Microfinance for local entrepreneurs. mentoring and spiritual training.

Organizational Themes

Why we do what we do.



To see full-scale transformation that ripples across cultural and economic sectors from children to families to communities to nations.



To lead people to Jesus, the source of true hope and life and build His Kingdom.



To meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of people so they can live fully alive in Christ



To create a scalable, sustainable model that will have lasting impact for generations.

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We are looking for more than just donors. We want partners to help us invest in these communities. There are so many opportunities to get involved and make an impact. Are you an opportunist?


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Because it takes a village, your gift will further Maisha's mission to empower people to transform their community.


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Child Sponsorship is the most effective way to fight poverty.


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Put your passion into action and share your gifts with the Maisha community in Kenya.


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Maisha is grateful to our partners. Much of our work is accomplished through partnerships with like-hearted people. Consider becoming a partner, together we can do so much more.

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82% of Maisha Project's total operating expenses were used for programs that benefit vulnerable children and communities around Kisumu, Kenya.

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