2020 is ending with a BIG surprise!

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope and pray you and your families are having a safe, healthy and peaceful Christmas this year. I have some very exciting news that couldn’t have come at a better time… Maisha has received a really BIG Christmas gift.

But it doesn’t fit under a Christmas tree.

We have been given enough food to provide 300,000 meals to hungry boys and girls!! This is a huge answer to prayer! A Christmas miracle really!

We applied for a grant this year to receive some much-needed food from Feed My Starving Children in Illinois. And we just got the great news that they have given us enough food for 300,000 meals!! This will provide SO many of the hungry, vulnerable children we serve in Kisumu, Nyalenda and Turkana with LIFESAVING and LIFECHANGING meals!

The only problem with this present is that it belongs in Kenya.

I don’t have to tell you what a hard and very tough year this has been. We have ALL felt the pain of it in some degree. The children in Kenya have felt it very severely with school closures since March. Only 4th and 8th grade-students were allowed back to school a little while ago. And now, we are hopeful that all grades are being allowed back to school on January 4th. Being in school is an ABSOLUTE must for children in Kenya to be able to break free of poverty and other life-threatening challenges like child labor, teen pregnancy, early marriage and even human trafficking. And we all know that in order to KEEP children in school in Kenya – they MUST be fed in school. Otherwise they will go out looking for food and/or work instead of sitting in classes all day on an empty stomach.

With the schools being closed most of 2020, we have lost considerable donations this year to our school feeding program.

This food will help children in Kenya SO much as schools begin to be flooded with all students again very soon. This is an amazing gift from God.  BUT it is our responsibility to get it shipped to Kenya. And we need your help to get it there as soon as possible and onto the plates of hungry boys and girls in school.

Please text your BEST gift to M A I S H A at 4 1 4 4 4.

This is the BEST Christmas gift and start to a new year that we’ve ever been able to give to the vulnerable children we serve in a VERY LONG TIME! 2020 put MANY children behind. But with this food and schools reopening again, we can get boys and girls back on track to a brighter future. God bless you for helping to make it happen!

Blessings, Beatrice

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