What’s Up Wednesday

Here’s a look into what’s going on in the Maisha office this week!


Annah, our founder Beatrice Williamson’s younger sister, is officially on her way back to Kenya. After living in Oklahoma for a few months, she is going back home for a brief period of time before continuing her medical care in the US.

She was diagnosed with sickle cell in her childhood and was not expected to live past the age of 12. She has defied all expectations and is a 24 year-old walking miracle.

While in Kenya, she will be providing supplies to the sickle cell support group she formed and giving them advice from what she has learned.

A bone marrow match has been found for Annah. She hopes to have the transplant in the future and is currently raising money for her surgery.

In other news, the second annual Legacy of Hope Sponsorship Appreciation Luncheon is rapidly approaching and our staff are busy preparing for the event. We are appreciative of our child sponsors and invite them to join us from 12 to 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 2 at the Oklahoma History Center, located at 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive in Oklahoma City.

Assistant Child Sponsorship Coordinator Jenny Thibodeau said the luncheon is to simply show how grateful Maisha is for all the support.

“It just shows sponsors that we really care about them and we’re very thankful for what they’ve done for Maisha and for the kids,” she said.

Sponsors can enjoy a free lunch while listening to sponsored children from Maisha speak about how their lives have been directly impacted by sponsorship. Those in attendance will also gain insight about the impact their donation truly has.

“A lot of stuff we incorporate into the lunch is really showing them where their money has been going all along.

“We’re going to be showing them the different aspects of where their money goes when they sponsor a child,” Thibodeau said.

Hearing about the difference made in children’s lives certainly makes an impact, but it is also important to let the sponsors share their testimonies and how beneficial sponsorship is for both the giver and the receiver. Sponsors are invited to bring one guest who may not sponsor a child or know The Maisha Story.

“I think the lunch is a lot about encouraging the current sponsors we have to tell the story of Maisha and the story of their sponsorship to encourage other people to become sponsors also,” Thibodeau said.

The luncheon will also have a raffle for prizes and merchandise from Out of Africa Market will be available for purchase.

Space is limited, so sponsors must RSVP before April 10. To RSVP, contact Jenny by email at jenny@maishaproject.org or by phone at 405-445-3440.

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