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Maisha Academy provides quality education with a Christ centered emphasis. We recognize the importance of early childhood education to engage lifetime learners and the value of mentoring in the life of the orphans and vulnerable children we serve.


In May of 2012, we launched Maisha Academy with the first four grade levels – Nursery, Pre-School, Kindergarten and First Grade. Since then, we’ve expanded one class per year and build a dedicated school building.


We completed the new building for Maisha Academy in 2015, which made space for a complete elementary school with 10 classrooms from pre-school to 8th grade.

Maisha Academy has been a huge success. Teams of educators from Oklahoma have visited Maisha, brought supplies, and held invaluable hands-on training with our local teachers and staff. A curriculum emerged that combines the elements necessary to navigate the exam based Kenyan education system plus one-on-one tutoring and evaluation that ensures all of our children excel. The performance levels and grades of the children are growing. Our educators are excited about and committed long-term to achieving our vision of becoming the best school in Kenya.


In it’s first year, Maisha Academy placed third in the school merit rankings in our zone. Our students had extremely high achievements in math, science and social studies. We also have students in the top ten of each class, out of all the public and private schools in our zone. The students continue to excel in their studies, and serve as testimonies about the difference education can make. The academy’s merit rankings are increasing as well.

Maisha Academy

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82% of Maisha Project's total operating expenses were used for programs that benefit vulnerable children and communities around Kisumu, Kenya.

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