Happy Mother’s Day!

On Sunday, May 8, 2016, over 122.5 million people will pick up a phone and call their Mom. In the United States, the first Sunday in May is dedicated to recognizing mothers. Maisha would like to honor all the Maisha Moms around the world.


Motherhood, as defined by Dictionary.com, means “the state of being a mother” or “the qualities or spirit of a mother.” Being a mother means something different to everyone, depending on their culture, their beliefs and their personal experience.

Mothers everywhere deal with different circumstances and challenges. However, many things are the same. All mothers want the best for their children and sacrifice to ensure their children have the opportunity to succeed. We recognize these hallmarks of motherhood and celebrate them this Mother’s Day.

The Maisha Project allows children to have the benefit of many mothers – biological mothers, village mamas, sponsor moms, host moms, spiritual moms… The mothers are able to work together to provide for the child financially, emotionally, physically, culturally and spiritually. We are incredibly thankful for all our biological moms who live on ground and strive to create better lives for their children. We are also thankful for our other moms who step in and assist the biological mom by paying school fees, praying for their child, sending letters and all the other mom duties that are done in the course of raising a child.

Maisha means life. We are thankful for the women who give birth to life and allow us to share their children’s lives with them. Happy Mother’s Day to all our Maisha Moms. You are changing the world one child at a time!

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