Happy Mother’s Day 2018

In the United States, one Sunday each year is dedicated to celebrating mothers. This single day will never be enough to thank mothers for the love they show, the care they provide, the advice they share and the sacrifices they make. Although Mother’s Day is not an international holiday, Maisha would like to thank mothers across the world for who they are and what they do.

While there are cultural differences between motherhood in America and motherhood in Kenya, there are many similarities between the two. Maisha is grateful for the mothers, grandmothers, and other family members who fulfill the motherhood role every day.


Jane is a mother of five. She lives in the Village of Kano with her youngest son, Henry.

Jane is HIV positive and is a member of Maisha’s Living Positive Program. She was once bedridden and unable to walk. She spend three months living day-to-day, not knowing if she would see tomorrow. Without Maisha, Jane said she would be dead.

“Maisha has been giving me food, has been taking care of me in terms of medicine, educating my kids, and guidance and counseling,” she said.

Jane is a widow and has no extended family. She once felt stigmatized because she was HIV positive, but how is proud of who she is and shares her story with other HIV positive people at a support group.

“The support group has been like my mother, my sister and my friends, because I lost my mother, I lost my father, I lost my husband, and they are the only people I can share my problems with,” she said.

Jane has been able to receive healthcare from Maisha’s Medical Clinic. She also volunteers at the clinic and translates for patients.

Henry, Jane’s youngest son, is in class six at the Maisha Academy. Jane said she thanks God for Maisha and knows without Maisha’s help, her family would not be where they are today.

“Even now, I do not have money, but I hope that my child is going to be educated. My last born is going to be educated up to where he wants.”

For more information about Maisha’s Living Positive Project, visit https://www.maishaproject.org/projects/health/. To sponsor a child like Henry, visit https://www.maishaproject.org/education/.

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