Sponsorship Appreciation Brunch 2018

Most of the time, our blogs start with a number. It could be the number of students we have at Maisha Academy, the number of community members involved in Maisha programs, or the number of people Maisha feeds every day. Although these numbers matter and are important to share, the reality is, Maisha would not be where we are today without our Child Sponsors.

In an attempt to show our gratitude, Maisha hosts a Sponsorship Appreciation Brunch every other year. Whether you attended this year’s brunch or not, please know we are incredibly thankful for you.

On Saturday, April 21, just under 100 Child Sponsors attended the Sponsorship Appreciation Brunch at Vintage Church in Edmond. Sponsors enjoyed brunch, drank Kenyan coffee, signed a sponsorship globe and shopped at the Out of Africa Market. Four Maisha students, Sharlet, Grace, Evans and James, shared their personal stories as well as how sponsorship has impacted their lives. Beatrice Williamson, Maisha Project founder, tearfully expressed her personal gratitude for sponsors and shared the impactful ways these sponsors have been part of the Maisha story.


In 2006, Beatrice returned home to the village of Kano after her father passed away. She noticed her neighbors needed help and decided to take action.

“It took the death of my own father to return me back to the village to really truly open my eyes and see how my own village was devastated. Before my dad was laid in the ground, I remember saying that I want to do something,” Williamson said.

Two years later, Maisha Project began. Beatrice wanted to give back to her community. She desired to change one life.

“Little did I know, the choice to impact one student or one life would in return impact the whole community where I lived,” she said.

Now, 10 years later, Maisha Project has grown to impact hundreds of lives thanks to the generosity of people all over the world. Over 900 children are now enrolled in our Legacy of Hope Sponsorship Program.

“Those things are only made possible because we have you as a sponsor. We have you as a believer in Maisha, really backing us up and making us be that strong armor for these kids in the community,” Williamson said.

Maisha strives to empower the community to create holistic change, starting with children.

“Simply educating a child is not enough,” Williamson said. “They need shelter, food, water, health care and their parents need a source of income. Sponsors come alongside Maisha to help make these dreams a reality.”

“I cannot thank you guys enough for being a part of that story,” Williamson said. “I can’t thank you guys enough…for being a part of our village. For you to be truly a part of that village, you have taken a commitment from your own household to be a part of change, beyond your backyard.”

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for your willingness to give and for believing in our mission.

To learn more about sponsorship, visit https://www.maishaproject.org/education/.


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