Kenya is located in east Africa just below the “horn.” It’s bordered by the Indian Ocean on the South East, Tanzania on the South, Uganda on the West, Sudan on the North West, Ethiopia on the North and Somalia on the North East. Maisha is in the south-west corner of Kenya in the village of […]Read more

Launching Economic Enterprise

The goal of Maisha’s Economic Empowerment Project is to provide the resources necessary for Maisha Orphans and Widows (Kenya’s on-ground operations) to work towards sustainability, giving back to their own projects. Through strategic investments in social enterprises, they’ll be able to diversify their income sources and support the work of Maisha locally while creating employment opportunities. The […]Read more

Education for the Future Generations

At 5:45 a.m., Jerry Ogallo, the Maisha Academy head teacher, leaves his house and begins peddling towards the Maisha Academy. After riding his bicycle for 45 minutes on the bumpy dirt roads, he arrives at school and makes his way upstairs to his office to prepare for the day’s events.   The school grounds begin […]Read more

Put on Your LIFE Glasses

Over the years, you’ve come to know that “Maisha Means Life.” Over the coming months, we’re digging deep to define “LIFE” and explore together all that encompasses. Our goal is to give you a fresh look at Maisha and present our projects through a new set of lenses.   The four themes that characterize Maisha […]Read more

The Gospel Project

Shouts of praise and songs of worship echo throughout the Maisha compound on Sunday mornings. Children from all over the village flock to the community center where The Gospel Project is held each week prior to the main worship service.   The Gospel Project is a three-year study plan that goes through the Bible chronologically […]Read more

Maisha’s Summer Missions

A large group of children in yellow and burgundy Maisha Academy uniforms walked down a dirt road singing songs, anxiously awaiting the arrival of visitors. Meanwhile, a van with a group of excited Americans ventures through the village’s bumpy dirt roads to Maisha’s compound.   The two worlds collide and officially become a family after […]Read more

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In 2016, 82% of Maisha Project's total operating expenses were used for programs that benefit vulnerable children and communities around Kisumu, Kenya.

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