Put on Your LIFE Glasses

Over the years, you’ve come to know that “Maisha Means Life.” Over the coming months, we’re digging deep to define “LIFE” and explore together all that encompasses. Our goal is to give you a fresh look at Maisha and present our projects through a new set of lenses.


The four themes that characterize Maisha and lead to “LIFE” are:
1. Transformation  2. Kingdom  3. Sustainable  4. Holistic


These themes are like lenses in glasses. If you put on rose lenses….everything looks rosy. If you put on sustainable lenses, you should likewise see sustainability. Get the idea?
When you look at our five project areas (Education, Health, Empowerment, Infrastructure and Missions) through these lenses, you begin to see life.
Let’s start by defining what holistic and sustainable mean to Maisha, then we’ll look at each project area through those lenses.

Moving from meeting the urgent and present needs of the people to a long-term and scalable model which has lasting impact for generations.


Education – We believe education enables a child to break free from the cycle of poverty for themselves and future generations.

Health – We believe by enacting a sustainable water plan, teaching hygiene and implementing good health habits and providing access to healthcare, we secure a healthier future.

Empowerment – We believe empowered people can support themselves, resulting in an impact on the economy of the whole region.

Infrastructure – We believe in building well planned structures that stand the test of time, using local materials and enacting a local adopted maintenance plan to keep them in good repair.

Missions – We believe mission partners bring tools and resources to facilitate lasting solutions for poverty, hunger, disease and under-education.

Meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people so they may live fully alive in Christ. Spirit | Mind | Body


Education – We believe in providing excellent academic education alongside a community-based collaboration that nurtures a child’s well-being, health and spirituality to develop their full potential.

Health – We believe a healthy community is one who has access to healthcare, improved nutrition and spiritual nourishment.

Empowerment – We believe empowerment helps people earn a living, brings self-worth and allows them to step into their role of advancing the Kingdom.

Infrastructure – We believe in assessing local conditions, long-term needs and taking a holistic approach to infrastructure planning, development, operation and management to maximize their whole-life value.

Missions – We believe every mission team by doing physical work, relational building and spiritual mentoring creates positive impact.

We’ll save Transformation and Kingdom for another day. As we go forward in telling Maisha “Stories of Life,” we’ll have a better understanding of what #maishameanslife really means. Thanks for joining us in this journey.

Now, we want to know, what does “LIFE” mean to you? How have you experienced “LIFE” through The Maisha Project? Go ahead, put on your LIFE glasses!

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