God’s Love in Kenya

What an incredible opportunity to be able to help The Maisha Project again in 2015.  This will be some of our teams 3rd year to go. Vintage Church has been so blessed to be able to be a part of what God is doing in Kenya.

Why do we go? We want to share the Lord with those across the street and around the world.  In everything we do our goal is to tell those who have never heard about the Good news of Jesus and to encourage those who are believers.

This year is a real testing year because we are going to try some new things that have never been done before.  Inspired by Grady Simpson, who tried to teach the kids of Maisha baseball last year, our first team will have the first Maisha Baseball Academy.  Our goal is not to make athletes out of every child, but to be able to have small groups where we can build relationships and share about our Savior.

The second team is also planning a drama/music group, dance group and crafts group.  These will encourage the kids to use their talents for the Lord.  Of course we will get the opportunity to work hard in the kitchen and garden, tutor the students, and pray and minister to the people of the slums.

The Maisha Widows have a special place in our hearts at Vintage.  Our women’s ministry has started a Pen Pal relationship with the Widows.  We are planning our 2nd Banquet to honor these ladies and remind them that all their work is such a sacrifice and the Lord is honored by them.  Last year we laugh, cried and danced all night.  I expect it will be even better this year.

These are just plans. We pray that we will walk every day in the Spirit and be able to do what ever is needed to be examples of God’s love to everyone in Kenya.

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