Christmas in June

In Christmas 2013, Maisha sponsors bought their children solar lights. The delivery of the lights was delayed for quite a while, but the kids finally got their presents in June of 2014.


Beatrice Williamson, Maisha founder, said the kids were overjoyed to receive their gifts they had been eagerly anticipating. Even though the special delivery took much longer than expected, it was well worth it.

“It took us quite some time for us to get them to Maisha, but when they got there… it was like Christmas in June,” she said.

The solar lights were chosen as the Christmas gift, because they prove to be very beneficial to the children. They do not live in houses with electricity. Instead, they use fires to provide light, which can cause burns or even bigger, dangerous fires.

The new solar lights provide light to the children so they can do homework, study, or get ready for school.

“We wanted to bring some light into the household so even as much as we invest in the kids lives, they can still do well if they have things to do at home,” Williamson said.

Another reason why the lights were chosen is because they run on solar power, not batteries or cranks. Williamson said this is a great advantage for the kids and they will never be without light.

“As long as the sun is shining in Kenya, they will have light, because all they have to do is charge,” she said.

While over 100 children did receive solar lights, many children did not. Kids without sponsors or kids who had sponsors that did not buy a light had to do without. Maisha would love to give every child a light, but without help from sponsors, the funds are simply not there.

“It always breaks my heart to find an unsponsored child not getting something similar, so that really breaks my heart, but at the same time, you know, over 100 plus lights that we bought that’s 100 households that they’ll be lighting. At the same time, it’s sad to see some of the other kids not still having it,” Williamson said.

With your help, every child at Maisha can own a solar light. For more information about sponsoring a child, or to purchase a solar light for a child, visit

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