Step by Step, Brick by Brick

The Maisha Academy is on its way to being 10,000 bricks closer to completion.

The Advocating Change Together (ACT) Club at Edmond Memorial High School is hosting a 5k run to raise money to build the Maisha Academy. For each dollar donated, a brick is given to the Maisha Academy. Their goal is $10,000 – or 10,000 bricks.

From 7:30 a.m. until 10 a.m. on Jan. 31, in Mitch Park, located at 2778-2798 Marilyn Williams Dr in Edmond, you are invited to join the club in running to help fund an education for future generations. If you’re more of a horizontal runner, you can still participate! Donate to help the ACT Club reach their goal and finish building the Maisha Academy.

The EMHS ACT club is active in their community and desires to help internationally, as well. Two years ago, they raised money and provided bikes for the kids at Maisha, giving them a safer alternative for transportation. The club has partnered with us again, and we are thankful for their dedication to seeing Maisha kids be successful.

Sign up for the race or donate at

For more information, check out a video featuring members of the ACT Club at

Read more about the academy at

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