Oasis in the Storm

When I was asked to write something about my experience at Maisha, many things ran through my head. The stories I could share are endless, but since neither you nor I have all day, I’ll keep it simple.


My name is Christa Humphreys, and I am a recent graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University. Since the Lord saved me from a life of sin at age 12, I have felt a special call to missions in Africa. Last summer I spent 18 days in Kenya, only a couple of those at Maisha. This year, I am spending 6 months in Kenya, and at least three will be at Maisha.

My task at Maisha is three-fold: work with the Legacy of Hope project and collect the information needed on our 186 unsponsored children (and hopefully find them loyal sponsors!); work with Living Positive, the Nyalenda Slum project to care for, evangelize and encourage sick and impoverished people, and work with the Bridgeway team in July to learn and train others in launching The Gospel Project curriculum.

Task-based mission plans aside, I would like to share just a little about my perception of Maisha as a whole. Maisha means life because that is what it provides. From what I’ve seen across Kenya, children here are forced to grow up very quickly in order to provide for their broken families. But Maisha stands as the oasis in the storm of life for hundreds of innocent children, who just want to be kids. I’ve laughed with them. I’ve played with them. I’ve sang with them. I’ve ate with them. And yes, when they are not looking, I’ve cried with them.

Maisha also stands as the pillar in many of these kids’ lives because here is where they learn about their Creator and Savior. They see what it means to serve through the selfless acts of the widows, teachers, and mission teams. They learn to appreciate education through the schooling project. Lastly, the mission team members learn just as much from these kids about what it means to actually live life than the kids do from them.

I’ve seen God work miracles in the lives of orphans and in the lives of AIDs victims in the slum. I am extremely excited and thankful for the opportunity to serve here, and cannot wait to delve deeper into the slum ministry and build stronger and more meaningful relationships with kids and adults alike. God is doing a wonderful work through Maisha, and it is my prayer that people will continue to give, pray, and serve through this ministry.

Yesu ni Bwana!

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