Maisha in December

The holiday season has started and is in full swing here at Maisha. In the office, we have been gathering Christmas letters from sponsors to send to the kids. The letters will arrive with our Winter Team who is packed and ready to depart this coming week.

The Christmas boxes sponsors filled with clothes, shoes, school supplies, small toys, hygiene items, and letters for an individual man, woman, or child shipped in early October. Over 1,000 boxes are currently on the east side of the African coast and are scheduled to arrive in Kenya soon. 

As the Christmas season draws near, we can’t help but miss the Light the Future choir who came to Oklahoma for the Light the Future Gala. They stayed in host homes, performed at churches, and bonded with families for two months while they were here.

We enjoyed the time we got to spend together, but we were happy to announce they arrived home safely on Dec. 2, 2014. They received a welcome of “champions” and their families all gathered in the streets to usher in the bus.

The choir members and the other children at Maisha will start school in January. Although space is still limited, a new fifth grade class will be offered so those who completed fourth will still be able to attend the Maisha Academy.

The walls and foundation of the new Maisha Academy are complete. It will have 10 classrooms and give the academy the ability to expand education through the eighth grade to allow students to complete all of their primary education. Read more about the academy at

Our goal for 2014 is to finish funding the Maisha Academy. Donate to help us raise $35,000 by Dec. 31! Visit to donate.

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