Orphans and destitute children all over the world suffer in silence. In Kenya, most of these children are born into poverty and live without access to education, medical care, adequate housing, clothing, appropriate food or a chance for a better future. One such child is Apisi, a beautiful young lady at Maisha. She is hungry to learn, but it’s hard to learn when you’re hungry. Two square meals a day gave 6-year-old Apisi the strength and energy she needed to concentrate in school.

Apisi’s Legacy of Hope sponsor family says of her progress since coming to Maisha: “We learned Apisi was abandoned as a baby and was very sick and malnourished when we first met her in 2014. After coming to Maisha, she began attending Maisha Academy. Apisi couldn’t speak English at first and was seemingly willful and difficult. Now she’s blossomed into a healthy, spirited child who loves to dance and perform. She is secure, obedient and happy.”

Extreme hunger was an everyday reality for Apisi before she made her way to Maisha. In two short years she has gone from malnourished to thriving. She receives two meals daily at Maisha Academy, porridge in the morning and a filling mid-day lunch. With a full belly, Apisi has energy to apply herself to study, play and just be a child. She has the strength to shoot for the stars!

Maisha is determined to break the vicious cycle of poverty through education and enhance the quality of life for Apisi and her community. Your donation really does make a difference. It provides life-giving resources like food and education for Apisi and her friends. More than that, it creates a brighter future. We can’t wait to see the bright stars Apisi and her friends will become!

You can ensure Apisi and her friends receive nourishment, education and more by giving $25 or more monthly to Fund the Vision. PLEDGE NOW

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