A Year of Hope: May

Jingle bells are ringing at the Maisha office, the Maisha Christmas Box Project 2017 has begun! This May we are challenging sponsors to help us get connected with your church, workplace, small group, etc. to fill a group of boxes.

MAY TIP: Organize a Christmas box drive at your church, workplace or small group

You know that awkward moment when you have a friend at the party who doesn’t get a gift? It takes the fun right out of receiving yours. Imagine the joy on your sponsored child’s face when they realize, not only did they get a box, but their friends got one too!

There are opportunities to fill anywhere from 20 to 200 boxes or more for children or their loved ones. We can even do the heavy lifting of getting the boxes to and from your site. Call Child Sponsorship Coordinator Laura Alsobrook today and she’ll get you started – 405.604.5243

For all the details on filling a box, see https://www.maishaproject.org/index.php?blog&a=view&article_id=96.

Want to take your sponsorship to the next level? Make sure to participate in Maisha’s monthly initiative A Year of Hope: A Monthly Guide to Strengthening Your Sponsorship.

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