At Maisha, health comes with access to clean water, affordable healthcare, improved nutrition and spiritual nourishment. For years, we’ve worked through home based care community health workers and medical missions. Thousands of people have been treated through temporary medical clinics set up with mission participants. Maisha also hosts health and HIV/AIDS educational rallies, runs the Living Positive Project and partners with organizations to provide clean water, hygiene and sanitation education to children at Maisha and throughout the area. Through mosquito net distributions, access to nutrition and other health projects, Maisha boosts the overall health and longevity of the community.

To meet the health challenges of our growing Maisha community, the Maisha Clinic opened full time in 2017. The clinic’s goal is to provide medical access so treatable conditions such as malaria will no longer result in death. A pharmacy, known in Kenya as a dispensary, and a laboratory for accurate testing are located within the clinic. No other health care facilities are within a reasonable walking distance to serve the community. In an area where the main mode of transport is walking and with so many affected by HIV and other seriously disabling diseases, having a nearby clinic, dispensary and laboratory is essential.


Journey to Full-Time Clinic & Health Access
2007-2013 – medical missions were hosted in a tent

2013 – clinic building was completed

2014-2015 – medical missions were hosted in the clinic

2016 – clinic opened 3 days a week to Maisha community members with 1 nurse in attendance

2017 – clinic opened 7 days a week to the public with a full medical team of 14

Jane Odawa, a widow in the Maisha area, says “Many people around here need medical services since the distance and the expenses incurred in other medical facilities are high. Maisha’s charges are fair and affordable compared to other hospitals around. One of my children had been operated on the throat and since I could not afford money for transport to the referral hospital, the nurse at Maisha had been checking and nursing my son’s wound till it healed. Under the care of nurse Petronillah, my son recovered fully. ” Maisha also supports Jane through her own health challenges due to HIV through a combination of home based care, clinic visits and food supplementation for she and her 5 children. She participates in our widow’s support group which encourages and keeps Jane financially on her feet so she can be healthy and provide for her family.

Simply having access to healthcare saves so many lives. After years of seeing too many cases of simple untreated illness result in death – like malaria, open wounds, bacterial and viral infections and diabetes to name a few – we refused to delay opening the clinic a day longer.


Take Action to Save Lives
At the end of the day, Maisha provides access to quality healthcare at an affordable price in an area where no other such access exists. This is a massive undertaking for good and one that is desperately needed in this community. We need your help to keep the clinic doors open and everything moving smoothly. To make this possible, consider adopting a month of health at Maisha. For only $2,800 one month a year, you can secure the health of an entire community, save and enrich lives like Jane and her children. Call us today to choose which month you’d like to adopt 405.445.3440 or give here today -