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Sponsoring Education Builds a Legacy Of Hope

At Maisha, the significance of education cannot be overstated. Investing in education is not just beneficial but imperative for the development of children and the advancement of the Kenyan society as a whole.

Education lays the groundwork for a child's academic journey. It instills essential skills such as literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking from a young age, providing a strong foundation for future learning endeavors. In a country where poverty remains a pressing issue, early education acts as a potent tool for breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty. By equipping children with education early on, we empower them to pursue opportunities that lead to economic stability and prosperity. Beyond academics, early education nurtures social and emotional development. It teaches children invaluable lessons in empathy, communication, and collaboration, fostering skills crucial for navigating interpersonal relationships and thriving in society. Access to quality education is not always equitable in Kenya, with disparities existing between urban and rural areas, as well as among different socio-economic groups. Your child sponsorship in early education helps bridge this gap, ensuring that all children, regardless of background, have the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

When you sponsor a child in education you give them the opportunity to succeed. Together, let us champion the child.

I want to sponsor:

Byron Declan Kepha

Gender Boy

Birthday April 21, 2015
9 years old

Grade Grade 1

School Maisha Academy

Mary Achieng

Gender Girl

Birthday May 20, 2013
11 years old

Grade Grade 2

School Maisha Academy

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Our Policies

Failure to comply with the following student sponsorship policies, can result in termination of student sponsorship and/or future partnership with Maisha Project. All individuals wishing to sponsor a student should coordinate sponsorship through Maisha Project USA, opposed to Maisha Orphans and Widows in Kenya or individual student. Maisha Project USA can determine if a specific student is enrolled and/or eligible for the sponsorship program…

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82% of Maisha Project's total operating expenses were used for programs that benefit vulnerable children and communities around Kisumu, Kenya.

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