Face masks, soap and medicine

We are back in one of our favorite places, with some of our favorite people … #Turkana! Today we distributed face masks , soap , medicine , as well as plates & spoons to the children and families of our partner school—Lobolo Primary School—where we launched a feeding program in 2019. These families are so […]Read more

International Day of the Girl 2018

Today, on October 11, 2018, we celebrate girls across the world on International Day of the Girl. Today, we recognize the injustice, gender inequality, higher unemployment rates, and the multitude of problems girls face around the globe. Today, we recognize the power, strength, resilience, inspiration, and intelligence girls’ posses, and we continue to push them […]Read more

Small Business Loans

Shops selling snacks like chapatti and mandazi, women selling vegetables from a stand, and children selling mangos from a tree outside their house outline the dirt roads in the village. Although the economy appears to be thriving by the numerous businesses, the average income of a family in the Village of Kano is less than […]Read more

Empowering the Community

Maisha’s mission is: to empower people to transform their communities. We believe in combating the cycle of poverty by providing people with the tools necessary to change their lives. We want to give people a “hand-up,” not a “hand-out.” Maisha utilizes six different areas of empowerment to help change the Village of Kano in all […]Read more

Maisha Academy Choir

On Thursday, August 14, the Maisha Academy Choir competed in an annual music festival at Nyamasaria Primary School. The choir competed against 15 other schools and placed fourth. The choir is advancing to regionals, which will be held later this summer. We are so proud of the Maisha choir and our staff! Watch the choir’s […]Read more

Why Education Matters

According to Unicef, after a child enters secondary (high) school, the percentage of students enrolled drops below 50 percent. The factors influencing this statistic often involve a lack of school fees, the need to work to provide for their family, teen pregnancy, and illness. Maisha is aiming to change this number in the Village of […]Read more

Throwback Thursday

In 2005, Mama Grace (Beatrice, the Maisha Founder’s mother) began feeding hungry children in the Village of Kano. Word spread around the village and Mama Grace was soon feeding over 60 children. By 2007, the number jumped to over 100 children. Mama Grace and widows from the community had began cooking for the children on […]Read more

Happy Mother’s Day 2018

In the United States, one Sunday each year is dedicated to celebrating mothers. This single day will never be enough to thank mothers for the love they show, the care they provide, the advice they share and the sacrifices they make. Although Mother’s Day is not an international holiday, Maisha would like to thank mothers […]Read more

Sponsorship Appreciation Brunch 2018

Most of the time, our blogs start with a number. It could be the number of students we have at Maisha Academy, the number of community members involved in Maisha programs, or the number of people Maisha feeds every day. Although these numbers matter and are important to share, the reality is, Maisha would not […]Read more


Kenya is located in east Africa just below the “horn.” It’s bordered by the Indian Ocean on the South East, Tanzania on the South, Uganda on the West, Sudan on the North West, Ethiopia on the North and Somalia on the North East. Maisha is in the south-west corner of Kenya in the village of […]Read more