Making of a Marathon

Louis L’Amour said in Sackett’s Land “I would not sit waiting for some vague tomorrow, nor for something to happen. One could wait a lifetime, and find nothing at the end of the waiting. I would begin here, I would make something happen.”   The Maisha runners embody this sentiment and the very thing Maisha hopes to […]Read more

LIVE from Kenya – Week 4

As a new week is ready to begin, we are taking a deep breath and trying to relax from what was one of the busiest weeks I have witnessed at The Maisha Project.   We started off last week welcoming a family team representing North Pointe Church in Edmond.  Matt Blagg, their Worship and Missions […]Read more

Oasis in the Storm

When I was asked to write something about my experience at Maisha, many things ran through my head. The stories I could share are endless, but since neither you nor I have all day, I’ll keep it simple.   My name is Christa Humphreys, and I am a recent graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University. Since […]Read more

LIVE From Kenya- Week 3

As a new week is starting, things are unusually quiet here at Maisha. The kids are testing for most of the week, so in the morning the grounds of Maisha are empty.  The Broadway Baptist team left early this morning, and the only ones remaining are those who will be here for the whole summer.  […]Read more

LIVE from Kenya- Week 2

Featuring Broadway Baptist Church and The Maisha Project’s slum outreach.   Monday was a day of great change at Maisha!  We were happy to welcome our final long term team member, Cody Lawson, to Maisha along with a team he accompanied here from Broadway Baptist Church located in Sand Springs Oklahoma. As we began our […]Read more

Summer Adventures – LIVE from Kenya

The first summer team heading to The Maisha Project leaves this week! We are so excited to follow their journey and see all that they accomplish in the Summer of 2014.   This week is one filled with excitement.  As all the final arrangements are being made, many eager people start their long journey to […]Read more

A Tale of Two Kitchens

In March 2014, Maisha opened a new two-story kitchen facility for the feeding project in Kenya. The 2,570 square foot kitchen is a drastic change from the 180 square foot mud hut kitchen used previously.  The new space provides resources and tools for feeding over 600 children and widows healthy meals in a safe, healthy […]Read more

Hakuna Matata, “It’s Okay”

Trying to describe my experience at Maisha is like trying to describe the soul, faith, spirituality, grace or love…these concepts are so personal, intimate and evocative, almost indescribable, as was my journey of Life (Maisha).   I traveled to Maisha with a group (Run for Life) of strong, faithful, inspiring women and their amazing 8th grade […]Read more


Orphans and destitute children all over the world suffer in silence. In Kenya, most of these children are born into poverty and live without access to education, medical care, adequate housing, clothing, appropriate food or a chance for a better future. One such child is Apisi, a beautiful young lady at Maisha. She is hungry […]Read more

True Love

Hi everyone! First and foremost I would like to thank everyone for the donations, prayers, and thoughts. Although your donations were gladly accepted, the prayers really helped us all get through the trip in a Godly manner. Being the fourteen-year-old that I am, this trip has totally changed my perspective on so many things!   […]Read more

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