Feeding Project

Feeding Program

Feeding Project

Maisha's Feeding project started in 2006 by Beatrice’s mother, Grace Ochieng or “Mama Grace,” a former schoolteacher. Seeing children falling asleep in class due to lack of food, she brought them home for lunch. As word spread, more starving children appeared on her doorstep each day. Today over 600 children and widows still enjoy a healthy meal six days a week.

The feeding project was Maisha’s first project. Children from the nearby schools of Omungi, Kadiju and Ayaro walked every day to Maisha for lunch. For most orphans, that was their only meal that day, and in many cases they bring the food home to share with their families.

Today, we're approaching feeding in a more sustainable way by feeding our students in the local schools, including Maisha Academy. But there is still a need for provding food for the hungry, so the feeding project continues.

Maisha is recruiting 12 sponsors, one for each month of the year, who each donate $2,800, covering the basic costs of the feeding project. Every day, we feed up to 600 children and widows. Since the inception of the Maisha Feeding Project, hundreds of children have benefited from this daily provision of food and over a million have been served, providing nutritious meals to meet their growing needs.

Your donation to the Maisha Feeding Project will start these children on a healthy path to realizing their potential. To become one of the 12 and adopt a month to help support this vital project at Maisha, donate online today at https://app.etapestry.com/onlineforms/TheMaishaProject_1/health_nutrition.html.