Mission and Goals

Mission and Goals

Water is Life

Install drip irrigation in gardens and further implementation of rain catchment all existing and future buildings.

Food is Life

Continue feeding over 600 orphans and widows every day at the Maisha Feeding Project and further incorporate provisions and training through Shambas of Maisha, our sustainable farming project.

Shelter is Life

Build Maisha Academy Dormitories to provide a safe environment for at-risk students.

Education is Life

Match every child in Legacy of Hope with a sponsor to ensure their education.

Healthcare is Life

Open the Maisha Clinic, a much needed healthcare facility with the ability to service 300 people weekly in an area with the highest HIV/AIDS and malaria infection/mortality rates in Kenya and much of the world. Increase levels of HIV/AIDS care, education, counseling and awareness by holding classes at the Maisha Center and continuing our Living Positive home based care project to those infected in the community.

Income is Life

Invest in microfinance and empowerment initiatives through our Maisha Marketplace project.

Experience is Life

For a life-changing experience, contribute your love and skill in hands-on ministry by joining Team Maisha on a mission trip to Kenya.