About Us

About Us

Karibu, welcome. We are glad you are interested in learning more about Maisha Project and our work in the Nyanza Province of Kenya. Maisha is a nonprofit organization based in Oklahoma City.

Maisha Story

It started with a girl who received a sponsorship for education at the age of 9 in a small village in Kenya. That girl went on to do great things. She is Maisha founder Beatrice Williamson and her desire is to give others that same opportunity for education and a "hand up."

Mission & Goals

Maisha's vision, mission and goals aim to bring life to the communities we serve.

US Team

Our US team consists of dedicated staff members, volunteers and many others who care about the Maisha mission.

Kenya Team

Our Kenya team consists of a number of amazing individuals dedicated to making positive changes in Kenya through the mission of Maisha. 

Board of Directors

Learn more about the wonderful people on Maisha's Board of Directors


Maisha is grateful to our partners. Much of our work is accomplished through partnerships with like hearted people. “Together we can do so much more."


Maisha is accountable to God, our Board of Directors, donors, partners, and especially to the people we serve.


Kenya is located in east Africa just below the "horn.”  Maisha is in the southwest corner of Kenya in the village of Kadiju, an area more commonly referred to as Kano due to its location on the Kano plains. It is situated about 20 minutes by vehicle outside of Kenya’s third largest city Kisumu.

Contact Us

US and Kenya mailing addresses and contact numbers.

Maisha FAQs

Check out some of our most Frequently Asked Questions about who Maisha is, our vision, mission and what you can do to be a part of this great work!